IDA is available for Windows XP to 10, soon also for Mac OS X and Linux

The stand-alone version for bowed string instruments costs 450 € per license and will be delivered as DVD with a copy protection dongle

Furthermore on demand:
  • Person data set from B. Zoebisch: Vogtländischer Geigenbau (Band 1+2) (100 €)
  • Person data set from Lütgendorff: Die Geigen und Lautenmacher vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart (100 €)
  • the effort for cutomization, which means adaption to your special needs. This can be e.g. special requirements to measurement protocols, instrument views, foto categories, person- and instrument data.
  • Expenses for orders on additional in program code (by arrangement)
Evaluation version:
There is a 14 days evaluation version, which for the purposes of copy protection is be delivered by post with a dongle to lend upon pawn of 25 € and not be available by download. If you don't like IDA you'll get back the pawn right after sending back IDA with the dongle to us. In case you want to buy IDA we will account the remaining money (425 € in case of single lisence) and hand out an activation key to you. Data created during evaluation period will be completely available in full version of IDA.

Before placing an order, pleae ensure your agree to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

Lend free evaluation version upon pawn:
Mail to info@ida-software.de